LRB · Jenny Diski · I blame Foucault: Bush’s women

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A common mistake is not actually seeing women who are over 32, are above a size 8, are mothers, and/or are obviously smarter and more capable than you. This is what women call "being invisible,"which is deceptive since they’re just as much of an actual physical life form as you are, except without the sense of entitlement." ms-03.31.17

At the LRB, Thomas Jones has a funny short piece about eReading the new Michael Crichton novel (I can’t help it, I’ve got a huge soft spot for Crichton, pernicious & muddled and humorless as his books may sometimes be–I am going to buy this one in an airport one of these days and read it); also a nice and seasonally appropriate meditation by Frank Kermode on the jovial contaminations of.

Perhaps not just because she was a woman but because, as a council member said, 'she lacked spontaneity and mental agility, and possibly.

Jenny Diski, ‘The Island of. Irish women have been speaking out about the Abbey Theatre where nine out of ten plays in its 2016 centenary programme are written by men.. ‘Bantu in the Bathroom: on the trial of Oscar Pistorius’ in The LRB.

Recently, I read an article in the Guardian by Bronwen Clune, headed (for all the world as if no one had suggested it before): Women, it’s time to age. of passing the time of day with me, however.

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The two things we noticed about the image were the shadow, figurative and literal, left by the torture conducted during the Bush presidency. The cartoon specifically states "the government", alluding to the notion of blame on "a few bad apples" (e.g. Lynndie England).

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Jenny Diski. Jenny Diski's In Gratitude, based on her LRB diaries, is out now. 4 february.. 22 september 2005 I blame Foucault: Bush's women. Bushwomen:.

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