Regulators propose new capital treatment for higher-risk CRE exposures

ABA Position. ABA believes that the proposed HVADC exposure definition – which would subject more loans to a higher risk weight than the HVCRE exposure definition – would increase regulatory capital costs and would likely prove to be a drag on economic growth. ABA recommends that the agencies modify the HVADC exposure category to strike.

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 · Congress made legislative revisions to HVCRE exposures, and banking agencies have responded with a proposal that would retain risk weighting applicable to HVCRE exposures at 150 percent, but would apply that weighting to a narrower scope of loans, defined as HVCRE acquisition, development and construction loans. We expect that the agencies will finalize regulations that will.

Specifically, the regulators have proposed a new, alternative, simplified capital regime for qualifying institutions that will deem an institution to be well-capitalized so long as it maintains a leverage ratio of at least 9% and adequately capitalized so long as it maintains a leverage ratio of at least 7.5%.

Section 214 of EGRRCPA adds a new Section 51 to the FDI Act, stating that the appropriate federal banking agencies may only require a depository institution to assign a heightened risk weight to a high volatility commercial real estate (HVCRE) exposure (as such term is defined under 12 CFR 324.2, as of October 11, 2017, or if a successor regulation is in effect as of the date of the enactment of this section, such term or any successor term contained in such successor regulation) under any.

Regulators Propose Basel III Delay. While the decision to delay the rule impacts community banks directly, the prospect of a reasonable long-term solution to the capital treatment of servicing rights is positive news for the MSR market and all mortgage banking companies.".

Section 1: Regulatory capital 7 institution proposal description timetable (subject to a cap). The upper and lower categories of Tier 2 will be replaced with a single set of criteria for “gone concern” capital and Tier 3 is to be phased out altogether.

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